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Why Upgrade Your Nissan Patrol Cup Holder?

When it comes to off-roading, the Nissan Patrol Y61 GU is truly a beast. However, even the best vehicles have their flaws. One of the most common complaints from Patrol owners is the subpar cup holder design. If you've ever tried to fit two large cups into the original holder, you know the struggle – spills, frustration, and limited space are all too familiar!
  • cup storage replacement for nissan patrol 4x4 gu y61

    Fits two large cups side by side

    Now you can forget about squeezing cups togther, or having to hold one while your passenger rests theirs.

  • Quick drop-in installation

    Simply remove the old cup holder and drop in the new one. For extra staying strength it comes with double sided tape to ensure a permanent fit.

  • cupholder accessories for nissan patrol gu y61 aftermarket replacement

    Available in three Nissan colours

    The most popular trim colours have been matched to perfection. Even the texture has been duplicated to ensure your cupholder looks the part.

  • beige cupholder upgrade for nissan patrol

    Durable and recyclable

    Made from tough ABS material that can be readily recycled. This material is heat resistant so your cup holder wont warp or crack in the heat.

  • Nissan Patrol Cup Holder Upgrade by Boss Mods and designed by Deep Orange Design.

    More than just a cupholder

    The cup holder includes a 3rd space for a small water bottle, or your phone, wallet or sunnies.

  • Acces to ashtray and handbrake

    The original Aussie invention does not interefere with the handbrake or ashtray. It has been designed to be easy to clean for convenience.

designer of nissan patrol cup holder accessory

Designed in Australia

The cup holder upgrade accessory was createded by Deep Orange Design to solve a personal gripe the owner had with the original cup holders in his Patrol.

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Suits all GU Patrol Y61 models

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