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Created by Deep Orange Design, the Nissan Patrol compatible cup holder was designed to solve a personal gripe I had with the original cup hjolders in my car.

"A few years ago I got fed up with not being able to fit two large coffee cups in my Nissan Patrol GU, so I designed and 3d printed a darn good solution.

This was so good for me that I shared it freely in the 3d Printing community and it amassed thousands of downloads. Of course it didnt take too long before some A-holes thought it would be a good idea to rip off my free design and try to sell them as their own. Of course I couldnt have that, so I removed the files and started to make them availible for sale. They became so popular that I decided sometime mid 2023 that its time to get them manufactured."
-Neil (Founder, owner, designer, maker and taker)

Now after some improved design work, optimisation for manufacturing and a gazillion prototypes, they are now availble in Australia and the Middle East at a very affordable price.