Now in three Nissan 4wd trim colours.

Suits manual & auto, 2 and 4 doors!

The best Nissan Patrol cup holder upgrade by Boss Mods

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At last! More space for cups in your 4x4!

Having two large take aways sit side by side is easier than you think. Many people just put up with the fact that Nissan designed the Y61 cup holders during their coffee break without thinking of you. The Boss Mods aftermarket cup holder allows not one but two large cups to sit happily side by side without interfereing with the ashtray or handbrake. It includes a handy rear tray with space for another small bottle or your sunnies, wallet or phone.
The diameter of the holders are around 70mm. This is enough for most large coffee cups, some drink bottles and cans.

I'll have one thanks!
nissan patrol orginal cup holder doesnt fit

Nissan made them too small

80% of cups dont fit!

Original OEM Nissan Patrol GU (Y61) cup holders are ridiculously small. You can't fit two take away coffees side by side!
If you are wondering where we got this statistic, we checked with a number of cups and did the math :). It may not be accurate, but it got you reading, so now click the button below!

Dont be a statistic!
cupholder accessories for nissan patrol gu y61 aftermarket replacement

Wait, not just black?

Available in 3 Nissan colours.

Get a replacement cup holder in Black, Beige and light brown. One of these will surely suit your taste. And your latte!

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