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GU Patrol compatible Cup Holder

GU Patrol compatible Cup Holder

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Nissan Patrol GU (Y61) cup holders are ridiculously small. 
But now you dont have to ask some one to hold your coffee, can or drink bottle while you reverse park your 4wd.

  • Fits perfectly into the existing (and stupidly small) Nissan cup holder.
  • Allows not one but two large cups to sit happily side by side.
  • Does not restirct ashtray access or handbrake.
  • Includes a handy tray to chuck your wallet, sunnies, spare change or peach pips AND a third space for a small water bottle!
  • Available in the Nissan Patrol black, light brown and beige.
  • Matching trim texture and easy to clean smooth surfaces.
  • Comes with double sided tape for optional extra secure installation.
  • Designed in Queensland by local business.

Stock is limited! Be sure to grab yours before it runs out again….

This cup holder upgrade comes in three Patrol trim colours and sports a similar texture to the rest of the GU console. So not only does it fit like a glove it looks the part as well!

The diameter of the holders are around 70mm. This is enough for most large coffee cups, some drink bottles and cans. But some stubbie holders may be a bit fat. And who are we to tell you what to drink in the car!

It is made from durable and recycalable ABS material so it handles all climates without warping. It is not 3d printed, like some aftermarket cup holders, so it will not split or warp.

This new version allows more access to the ashtray, which can now be left open if needed. It also has a third space for a small water bottle in the rear compartment. No more spillage!

We think this is the best replacement cupholder upgrade for your Nissan Patrol GU Y61.

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Customer Reviews

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Leigh Hornsby

Great idea/concept. Would have liked the bottom, underneath, to be more filled in so I can attach Velcro patches like the Nissan original, otherwise very happy.


Great piece of kit, Keeps the ash tray functional for all the odds and ends accumulate, while having actual functional cup holders! Very happy with it.

Gordon Brooks

Got my coffee cup holder today No more worrying if I’ll loose my coffee going around a corner. Great Xmas present for the GU Patrol Thanks


This is a game changer! Now I can have my water bottle AND my coffee right next to me. I used to keep the water bottle in the door pocket because it wouldn't fit the original holder.

Rock climber

I have had one of the original designs in my Patrol for 2 years. Think I might upgrade to this sexy model...